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  • KTM 250EXC 2017
    KTM 250EXC 2017

    When the smoke clears, you€ll be the last rider standing. The new KTM 250 EXC is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world of Enduro, forming the ultimate fist against more complex 4-stroke rivals. All muscle, no fat: this 2-stroke machine is as lean as it is keen. To win. Read more..

  • KTM 300EXC 2017
    KTM 300EXC 2017

    4-stroke rivals, beware: this tool might just be the sharpest in the shed. If you want torque by the bucket loads, a top-end to die for and a lightweight chassis ready to rise to any occasion, give this 300cm3 lightning bolt a go Read more..

  • KTM 350EXCF 2017
    KTM 350EXCF 2017

    You don€t just become the best seller. You have to earn it. With mud, sweat and tears. Of joy, in the end. When you realize the power-to-weight ratio of its compact DOHC engine is spot on. When you remember how you answered tough terrain with playful handling and even tougher suspension. And when, after hours of grueling wilderness, the flag waves victory your way. No matter how mud-caked your face is, that smile will shine through. Antoine Meo, E2 Enduro World Champion aboard the 350 EXC-F, knows what we€re talking about. Read more..

  • KTM 450EXCF 2017
    KTM 450EXCF 2017

    Looking to up your Enduro game? Look no further. Thanks to its all-new, much more compact SOHC engine fitted in a redesigned chassis, the 450 EXC-F is the strongest, most competitive bike in the E2 class. Combined with a low weight and off-the-shelve 4-stroke ferocity, this pioneer will boldly take you where no rider has gone before. Or at least never faster. Read more..

  • KTM 500EXCF 2017
    KTM 500EXCF 2017

    The 500 EXC-F is the strongest Enduro bike in the world, although that doesn€t mean it€s a bully. This motorcycle is as lean and civilized as a thoroughbred racehorse. But let it rip, and its all-new 4-stroke SOHC engine flings the redesigned chassis across all sorts of terrain. Probably ahead of the competition. No sweat, just glory. Read more..

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